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Lillypond camp

Free range camping – and we love it


April 2021


Nderit Gate, Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya


Tents, Mini-Bandas & V-Huts

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So, what’s Lillypond life all about?

Lillypond camp is a place where anyone can rock up and feel right at home. From Mum, Dad, and a couple of kids to a big group of family and friends and everyone in between.

It means truly getting out into the wilderness and having an immersive camping experience, it gets you close to nature, it’s easy to do… and in some cases, it’s cheap.

A live-and-let-live place where there are refreshingly few rules, kids can be kids, campfires are encouraged, music and bad singing are not a problem and people feel free to wander round making new friends.
That’s what we mean by free range camping – and we love it. There are so many rules and regulations these days that kids have a really hard time just being kids.

All we ask is that you respect others.

Lillypond Camp
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Lillypond Camp
Sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings

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Lillypond Camp Nderit – Gate Corridor Reforestation Project  

Nderit Gate Corridor Reforestation Project reduces extreme poverty and restores a healthy forest by employing local people to plant trees every year.